With a large selection of hard cover books, we stock a great collection ranging from quotes to animals and inspirational books. 

Designed and illustrated by Kate Knapp, Twigseeds Books are quirky and insightful illustrations that remind us to smile and appreciate the exquisite simplicity of life. Best-selling books include Follow Your Own Star, To the Moon and Back and It’s not Always Black and White. 

Inspirational books and fun animal loving books from affirmations with cats and dogs for a bit of fun and a laugh include Pupparazzi, The Power of Meows and You’re One of a Kind. 

Other popular hard cover books from affirmations include Sisters Bound by Love, Friendship - Affinity, Connection & Harmony and Girlfriends – an Unbreakable Bond. 

 Hello Gorgeous is a powerful collection of timeless wisdom to keep you motivated every day. Flip with ease through this empowering and gorgeously designed book to find inspirational quotes and stories from powerful women 

 Best Walks of the Southern Highlands 2nd edition is the perfect book for bush walkers with outdoor walks that help discover swimming holes, waterfalls and gorges in The Southern Highlands. This book of the Southern Highlands is the perfect guide to exploring the wilderness and also the history within the region. 

 Another great selling book is the Rosé Made Me Do It. Writer, mixologist and cocktail consultant Colleen Graham explains everything you need to know: how to choose the right type of wine, which spirits and mixers blend well and how to create crisp cocktails for every occasion. 

Featuring 60 wine cocktails and punches from around the world. 

Following the best-selling Rose Made Me Do It is this enchantingly illustrated book will introduce you to the incredible worldThe recipes in this book are fun to create – and even more fun to drink! 

 We have a great range of fun kids’ books which include best-selling books Magic Beach and Are WThere Yet by Alison Lester. Welcome to Country book is a great learning book about the traditional lands of Wurundjeri People. The Magic Bunny and When I Am Big, published by Jellycat, are gorgeous books for little ones. 

 Other books we sell include bibles, and religious books suitable for children, christenings and baptism.