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Roslyn is another gorgeous bear from the Charlie Bear 2023 Plush Collection, and she big and bold. She has long shaggy fur in cream and brown. Her beautiful face has those dark take me home eyes, a white muzzle, and a handstitched nose is chocolate brown, and her face is surrounded with this fabulous long shaggy look.

Her sculptured and shaded paw pads are in mocha, and are surrounded with long shaggy fur.

Her look is finished with a very fancy neckerchief, in beige and red, compliments her coloouring perfectly.

Lookout for her mate Rachael as they make a beautiful duo.

Charlie Bear Roslyn
Charlie Bear 2023 Plush Collection - Roslyn

Family - Rachael
Size - 58cm
Designer - Isabelle Lee - Co Designer Charlotte Morris
Material - Plush